Baha’i children’s classes are conducted on every Sunday. Classes for children between the ages 3 to 17.

Group #1: Ages 4 to 7 Conducted by Emelia & Mahsa

Group #2 : Ages 8 to 10 Conducted by Rezvan Egi

Group #3 : Ages 10 to 13 Conducted by Mojdeh Sahihi & Russ Rohani

Group #4 : Ages 14 to 17 Conducted by Natasha , Monib

All classes start at 10:30 a.m and end at 12:00 p.m.

The classes are sponsored by the Spring Valley community at the Las Vegas Baha’i Center.

For more information please call: Jila Etemadi at 312.241.5566


Every Sundays. The Cameron Neighborhood near Clark High School. These classes are for children who live in the neighborhood. Located in Winchester Community. Please call Natalia Beheshti for more information: 702.465.7568 or email Natalia at

Weekly: Sunrise Mountain. Children’s classes are conducted in the neighborhood apartments. The instructor’s are Marion Weindl, Susie Jones and Jeanne Clapper. Please call Marion at 360.578.0523 or Susie Jones for more information at 702.750.8602  or email

Enterprise community. Please call Mojgun Walwyn for more information at: 702.358.7834 or email Mojgan at